What is a Social Report

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Receive instant access to your Social Report, based on up to 22,000 links, giving you a full insight into how your social media can affect your ability to get a job.

Social Score

Your report will identify any Inappropriate links, messages or friends that could give the wrong impression to a potential employer. It will also look at personality trends from the language you use in your posts.

Receive Advice

Receive tips on improving your Social Media Score and what changes you could make to significantly increase your employability chances.

Safe & Secure

MySocialReport.co.uk ensures your privacy is protected at all times, we don’t store information on you or share your information with any third parties.

How it works


MySocialReport.co.uk has constructed a multi connection an real-time in house data collection system that collates social media information based on your inputs/authentication from your existing social media accounts. This aggregation of data is organised and algorithmically sorted to result in a score (out of 100) derived by us which we believe will be an accurate depiction of you in the eyes of prospective clients, employers and financial institutions. All your data is kept on our servers for you to see at any time.

Scores Matter

Data collation

Additionally we collate the data into indices of social media components such as employment record, education history, friends and their connections pitched against your peer group and interests. These indicators allow you to sculpt your online presence into a more attractive asset to your arsenal when it comes to job applications, client sourcing and even financial planning for the short and long term future you have in mind.

Data Sources

Where we look

Our scores that we issue periodically or when you log-in to your members area are calculated from your profile data and connections to close proximity behaviour. Calculated and developed by algorithms, your score is and can be used to assess your employment status, credit worthiness and predictable patterns to socialistic probability.


We've got you covered

With direct relation to privacy, your scores are entirely based on information you provide to us and obtained information by third parties only with your strict permission. The information we use is accessible by you at any time-there’s no secret data held or accessible beyond your reach. Essentially the more information you have on your profile(s), a more accurate score can be derived.

Frequently asked questions

How Much Does Membership Cost

We offer a 30 day recurring billing membership for £36.50.

Is this part of my financial credit file

No, the report is about your social media activity and is not your financial credit report.

What Personal Information is Held on my Social Data File

Your social data file will include information such as your location, your listed employment details, your previous history and names, and information on involved markets through likes and shares.

What Does It Mean if I Receive An Alert for a Search

It means that there has been a new social data search on your report; you can view this from the social data search history screen.

What are Identity Theft and Identity Fraud

Identity theft is when someone obtains information about you with a view to committing identity fraud. Identity fraud means that your identify is used in a criminal activity, such as someone else obtaining finance in your name.

How Can I Know If I'm a Victim of Identity Theft or Fraud

As well as taking normal precautions to secure your important documents, and to ensure your online security, MySocialReport.co.uk's alerts system will help to safeguard you against fraud. When you receive an alert, check that you recognise and understand what has changed on your social report.

How Often Can I Access My Social Data Report

As often as you would like. We recommend that you check your Social data report at least once a month.

How Do I Cancel My MySocialReport.co.uk Membership

You can cancel your membership at any time by writing to us, emailing customerservices@mysocialreport.co.uk or calling us on 0800 788 0691.

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  • Unlimited profile update requests
  • Full data removal request tools
  • Email/SMS alerts to profile/data changes
  • 30 Days reporting incl. activation
  • Instant activation
  • Companies House checks included

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